Animal prints and exploring mini beasts
September 28, 2022

This week our Little Owls family have been discovering Mushrooms on our nature trolley …. We have been surprised to learn how “ light” they are in weight ….even when we filled our paper bag full to the top with mushrooms it was still not heavy ! We had a careful think about where we might find mushrooms and learnt the importance of not touching them if we discover them out in the woodlands . We have really enjoyed learning more about each other using our “ Marvellous me box” which has been coming home with us . Each Marvellous Little Owl Over the coming weeks will take home the box and fill it with wonderful treasures that tell us about them …. This week our Little Owls have shown us spaghetti , books , dolls , games , bananas , pictures of loved ones and much ,much more ….It has been so much fun celebrating our children for being so very Marvellously them , building a strong sense of who we are and what makes us special 🥰At Forest school we have been looking at footprints 👣 and building our understanding of which animal might have left them ….🧐We have also been really lucky to spot some super mini beasts who have come to visit our garden

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