Badgers, footprints, forest school and fundraising for Pudsey
November 23, 2022

This week we have been learning all about the secret life of  Badgers …..we have had lots of fun finding badger number footprints on a special mission out at Forest school …for each number that we found, we had a special challenge to accomplish …. We had to find one pebble , two feathers , do three huge jumps and the challenges kept on going until we got to 10 !

We have enjoyed lots of badger craft and continued practising our cutting skills ….Out in the garden our mud kitchen has been fully booked and the chefs have been hard at work ……we have also had lots of hide and seek games …trying not to giggle whilst we are hiding..For children in need we had a guess how many smarties were on the cake challenge and raised £30 ….Thank you for your support Little Owls Family ....It’s been an all weather week and we have enjoyed the fun filled learning opportunities that the sunshine and rain have brought our way

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