Embracing Autumn with Pumpkins Pumpkins and more pumpkins
November 2, 2022

We have absolutely loved Pumpkin week !!! We have been on a pumpkin hunt, we have had pumpkin wheelbarrow races , we decorated and scooped out pumpkins , we have balanced pumpkins, made pumpkin slides , pumpkin towers , made pumpkin cakes , and sold pumpkins in our pumpkin shops …!!! So , so much fun !

At Forest school we also learnt about arrows and how they point us in a direction ….we made arrow shapes with sticks and enjoyed following the arrows to find our friends who were hiding !

We have also enjoyed the story bag Room on the broom and learnt lots about floating and sinking !

A fabulous last week of this half term …. Happy Half term Little Owls Family

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