"Stick Man, oh Stick Man, beware of the ......"
October 12, 2022

This week it has been all about Sticks , sticks and sticks …..We have used sticks to experiment with shapes creating large scale circles, squares and triangles using sticks ….We have absolutely loved acting out the Stickman story with our very own Stickmen that we enjoyed making at Forest school ….🌳🦔🐿🪵🍁🍂🍃In the garden we have been working as a team to use lots of construction resources to build our houses ….As we continue to ponder on our Marvellous me thoughts we have extended this to our homes ….how they vary ….and how they are the same …🥰 This week has also been National Space week , so we have had lots of fun with light and dark and thinking about the classic story “ Whatever next “ .It’s been another busy week filled with exploration and giggley fun.

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